The 7 Rings on Her Love Bucket

The 7 Rings of on Her Love Bucket are conceptual rings referring to the the 7 Rings of Desire described in the book 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket. Mastery of the 7 Rings of Desire will improve your love and sex life. These are conceptual rings that can be given to a woman by man. Love comes in many forms and by observing your lover you can initiate the optimal action to fulfill and satisfy your lover. "A common goal unites and connects two lovers." ~Sherrie Rose

"Become a hero by performing the actions of heroes." ~Sherrie Rose

"Shared happiness provides meaning to your individual purpose in life fulfilled by your free will choices and actions." ~Sherrie Rose

Actions come in two forms: Contribution and Participation. Each of the 7 Rings of Desire is expressed in one or both forms of contribution or participation. You can provide happiness to a woman's heart when you unlock the code to her unique combination of the 7 Rings of Desire. Get the cheat sheet of the book for a quick visual summary so you can see the book in less than 5 minutes. The best executive summary of a book on relationships designed for men to WIN with women. Read it! 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket by Sherrie Rose

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